Bridal Jewellery Collection

Bajirao Mastani Gold Necklace Collection by P.N. Gadgil and Sons

Puneri Jewellery-Maharashtrian Jewellery Gold Necklace Collection by P.N. Gadgil and Sons

Saptpadi a bridal Jewellery Collection


Saptapadi literally means ‘Seven Steps’ or ‘Seven Feras’ around the holy fire, a ritual in Indian weddings. Weddings are considered a big occasion not only for the bride and the groom, but for entire family. Weddings are the biggest family celebrations apart from the festivals. Jewellery is the essential part of any wedding and bridal jewellery is selected with great enthusiasm and keen eye. At P N Gadgil & Sons (PNG & Sons), we understand the importance of the wedding day in families life; and PNG & Sons try our best to compliment and contribute to the event with best of our designs and collections.


 bridal jewellery necklace

bridal jewellery necklace by PNG & Sons


PNG & Sons, leading jewellers of pune appreciate that every bride has her own style statement. Her own vision for the jewellery she wants to wear on her big day and PNG & Sons offer a vast variety of bridal jewellery to suit her every need. For wedding season, PNG & Sons have launched Saptapdi a bridal jewellery collection. This latest bridal Jewellery collection is available in gold and diamonds. Right from the traditional designs schools like Temple, Bengal, Junagarh and Kundan. The bridal Jewellery variety extends to diamond set in modern innovation settings.


Mangalsutra by PNG & Sons

Mangalsutra by PNG & Sons


In bridal set though the necklaces are show stealers; other pieces like bindi or mang teeka, ear tops or ear rings or Jmumkas, kangans/ bangles and payals / anklets add to the glory of the bride. Now a days, the trend is to wear traditional gold bridal jewellery set for the marriage ceremony and opt out for uncut diamonds (Kundan) or diamond set for evening functions. PNG & Sons offers various wedding jewellery sets in gold and diamonds. PNG & Sons have some exclusive designs of Mangalstra in gold which including daily wear and functional wear.


Bridal Diamond Jewellery

Bridal Diamond Jewellery


In gold, Bridal Jewellery sets have traditional jewellery such as temple, gokak, kalkatti, kundan, polki designs. For customer convenience, online bridal jewellery shopping option is available. In Diamonds, Bridal Necklaces, Bridal Bracelets, Bridal Earrings, Bridal Nose pins, Bridal Finger Rings are available. P N Gadgil & Sons effort has always been to offer not only unique designs but to offer unique combination too. If you love marriages and celebration, we do too… since 1832.