Govind Gadgil

Mr. Govind Gadgil (Promoter, Chairman, Whole Time Director)

Company requires a strong and able leadership for better performance and success. Mr. Govind V. Gadgil who is the promoter and founder of P. N. Gadgil & Sons Ltd. has more than four decades of experience in jewellery business and he is carrying the legacy of six generations of P N Gadgil. In his initial career, he was involved in gold buying, vendor management & quality control. He has introduced Temple jewellery in Maharashtra in late 2000 and it became a regular collection in the jewellery industry in Maharashtra. He introduced many collections such as Warli, Temple, Colorful Mangalsutra etc for the first time in Maharashtra. He always thrust on quality products, transparent policy and good service to customers. He feels, customers are the real Brand Ambassadors and we should treat them as a special person. He also introduced the Core Team Culture at company and appointed Industry Veterans as respective department heads. Today, company is functioning under the leadership of Mr. Amit Modak. He is Director and CEO of the company.


Dr. Renu Gadgil (Promoter, Whole Time Director)

Dr. Renu Gadgil is promoter and director of the company. She is looking after the Human Resource. At P. N. Gadgil & Sons Ltd. women employee ratio is more than 60 %. Dr. Renu has brought new employee care initiative which is very fruitful for women employees. She regularly discusses the various topics with them to implement new employee friendly HR practices. As a result of Dr. Renu's HR initiative company has been nurturing new women leaders at showroom level.

Amit Modak

Mr. Amit Modak (Whole Time Director, CEO)

Mr. Amit Modak has more than 30 years experience of financial field and holds degree in commerce as well in Law. He has done Dip. in International Trade, Dip. in Taxation law and PGDIFM from PUMBA. He is advisory Board Member to MCX Bullion Advisory Committee. He has won Golden Words award of MCX in 2008. He has brought professional approach and turned the family run gold smith business into organized Company format. His vision to open new showrooms in tier 2 and tier 3 cities has paved the success path in a short span of 3 years. Company margins have improved and are the best in jewellery industry. He has set a target to open another 12 showrooms within Maharashtra and neighboring states in next two years. To manage the business in efficient manner, he has created three zones Pune, Nashik and Solapur. He also heads the Marketing of the company. He has good knowledge in financial, currency & commodity markets. Being an expert in finance, print and electronic media keep taking his quotes, interviews on regular basis. He has written many articles on bullion, forex, crude & economy.

Aditya Modak

Mr. Aditya Modak (Chief Financial Officer-CFO)

Mr. Aditya Modak is the CFO of the company and is the youngest one in the jewellery industry. He is Chartered Accountant and passed Company Secretary exam too. He has brought a new vision to the company. He is playing a vital role to strengthen the top line and bottom line of the company. And, he is applying new methods to keep EBITA (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) improving day by day. Under his leadership company has floated the E Commerce business onlinepng.com and it is doing very well as the business model is very clear. To fulfill the online business growth, he has brought brick & mortar model. He is also closely working with CEO to make brand P. N. Gadgil & Sons ltd. more visible. Under his financial discipline leadership P. N. Gadgil & Sons Ltd. has opened 9 showrooms in tier two and three cities within one year which most of them are in Maharashtra.

Satish Kuber

Mr. Satish Kuber (Sales Head)

Mr. Satish Kuber is heading sales at P N Gadgil & Sons Ltd. He is working with this business house for more than 40 years and he has knowledge of every subject in the business with specialization in gold. His customer handling skill is an asset for P. N. Gadgil & Sons Ltd.

Shrikant Kuber

Mr. Shrikant Kuber (Admin Head)

Mr. Shrikant Kuber is the head of Administration and he is with the company for more than 30 years. Before heading the Admin he was the anchor of Silver Jewellery and Utensils department.

Prafulla Wagh

Mr. Prafulla Wagh (Merchandising Head)

Mr. Prafulla Wagh has deep knowledge of Jewellery Industry as he belongs to Gold Smith Family. At his early stage he was also involved in jewellery making. He joined P N Gadgil as sales executive and today he is head of Merchandising.


Mr. Nandu Deole (Training and Development Head)

Mr. Nandu Deole started his career in hotel management industry. But, his inclination has always been towards brand communication and marketing. He has been associated with P. N. Gadgil group for more than a decade now. He has brought various marketing ideas in the jewellery field. Currently he is the head of Training and Development at P. N. Gadgil & Sons Ltd.

Sunil Pathak 1

Mr. Sunil Pathak (Human Resource Head)

Mr. Sunil Pathak is enthusiastic young man started his career in corporate sales. He gained the experience in this, he also observed how other organizations function, how do they build them and how do they differentiate themselves from others operating in the same field. He has done post graduation in Human Recourse. He has brought new HR practices in the company.